Hey, little buddy. Let's go over there and check out that little doggie. Cmon, let's go go go!

A conversation with my son inspires this podcast’s name. I always tell him to ‘go go go.’ It’s me asking him to be brave and do something he has never done before. I am asking a lot. But, because he trusts that I won’t lead him astray and he ‘goes goes goes,’ he learns something new and is inspired to do more new things! He levels up.
This podcast is just as much a challenge to myself as it is to others. The basic idea is that we do work, live. We expose our process and share whatever knowledge we can during each live sesh. Hopefully, because we shared our process and expertise, you learn something new and get inspired to be brave in this digital world.
Ok, Let’s GoGoGo!

Hi! My name is Tim Preut. I run this design podcast. I also run a design company with my wife called Tickyboom Design.

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