BB Vs Elementor Round 2 Flow + UX

We jump back in with our versus (in a friendly way) series of episodes that compare Elementor with Beaver Builder. We will be talking about UX and flow.

What is flow?

Flow is our constant state of working. Within that flow, you will gain momentum and possibly have a good time doing your work. When in an uninterrupted state of flow, you can get your work done faster and of higher quality.

What is UX?

UX stands for User Experience. Are their pain points that confuse? Is it easy to use the builder? Are there easy ways to accomplish tasks? We will be reviewing the basic UX of these builders.

We could have made this a deep dive into the UX and have a 4-hour long video. Instead, we chose to point out the more common aspects of building with these builders. I hope this episode helps you!

Ok, let’s GoGoGo!

Tools we used in this episode:

Music Bumpin’ In The Background:

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