Lottie Animations: Prepping The File

Lottie files can add whimsy and smiles on the web. In this episode, we will go through taking a completed piece of vector art from Sketch, plopping it into Illustrator, prepping the file for After Effects, and then importing the file into After Effects for animation. It’s gonna be a barn 🔥


When importing a file from Sketch to Illustrator, there is a bit of a quirk that I wanted to show intentionally, so you know how to tackle that and fix it.

Illustrator Prep

We will go through the process of breaking out our illustrations into layers for animation. This process will require a little thought but is incredibly important.

Importing into After Effects

We will then import the Illustrator file into After Effects and show how to set up the After Effects composition for animation. Another integral step in our Lottie Animation Process!

Ok, let’s GoGoGo!

Tools we used in this episode:

Music Bumpin’ In The Background:

Kerri Chandler: Times Square DJ set – The Residency [Week 4] | @Beatport Live

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